Punctal Occlusion Clinical Lacrimology in Dry Eye Disease

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1 CE credit available

About the Speaker
Robert S. Herrick, MD is a Diplomate American Board of Ophthalmology specializing in Corneal and External Eye Diseases & Oculoplastics. He is a pioneer in the field of punctal occlusion and the founder of the medical specialty of Lacrimology. As a pioneer in the field of Lacrimology, Dr. Herrick recommends: treating upper lids first, using multiple collagen plugs in a single punctum, lid stabilizing techniques for plug insertion, specialized tools for insertion and plug positioning, and tertiary referral for procedures to reduce tear evaporation and loss. He suggests expanding the National Eye Institute (NEI) classification of Dry Eye to include Lacrimal Excretory Hyperactivity (LEH) and secondary diseases where thick mucus production leads to congestion in the nose, throat, sinus, middle ear, and upper respiratory system.

Course Description

Punctal Occlusion reduces clinical signs and symptoms in Dry Eye Disease. Objective tests may characterize the condition. A practical step-by-step system of Occlusion Therapy is presented where Dry Eye symptom screening and subjective evaluation with Collagen Plugs reveal patients who will benefit from progressive Punctal Occlusion.

Course Objectives:

1)     Consider Dry Eye definition, etiology, and related anatomy.
2)     Present a practical step-by-step system of Occlusion Therapy including Dry Eye screening, subjective evaluation with Collagen Plugs, and progressive punctal occlusion.
3)     Review steps for plug removal and the need for tertiary referral for advanced treatment.
4)     Unique treatment options
5)     Considerations of the complete classification of dry eye in the wake of Marshall Doane’s work

1 CE credit available