Medical Management of Glaucoma A – Z

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Medical Management of Glaucoma A - Z


3 CE credits .

Instructor: Pinakin Davey, OD, PhD, FAAO, College of Optometry, Western University of Health Sciences

This course will discuss all the medical management options available in managing glaucoma, its efficacy, its side effects and when, what and how to prescribe. It will also discuss the new and emerging trends in medical management of glaucoma

Course learning objectives:
1) Know the mechanism of actions of the major agents used in medical management
2) Know the side effects both ocular and systemic side effects of the medications
3) Contraindications and drug interactions of various agents
4) Dosage of various medications
5) First line of therapy and considerations when first line of therapy fails.
6) Know the combination agents available in USA
7) Know the lowering intraocular pressure in office setting
8) Know the effects of preservatives and chronic therapy and preservative free options of medications in glaucoma management
9) Neuroprotection and future drugs

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