Glaucoma and the Optic Nerve

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Angle Closure Glaucoma

COPE Course #:46653-GL/ COPE Event # 109976

2 CE credit available.

Instructor: Naida Jakirlic, OD, Assistant Professor, Professor, College of Optometry, Western University of Health Sciences

Course description: Glaucoma is defined as a progressive optic neuropathy, therefore accurate assessment of the optic nerve is essential for early diagnosis and management of this disease.

Course learning objectives:

After completion of this course the participants should be able to
1. Review the anatomy of the optic nerve.
2. Recognize the appearance of the healthy optic nerve.
3. Ascertain the critical components of optic nerve assessment.
4. Identify the possible glaucomatous changes of the optic nerve, peripapillary region, and the retinal nerve fiber layer.
5. Identify the cardinal features of glaucomatous optic neuropathy.

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