Epidemiology Clinical Trials in Glaucoma

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Epidemiology Clinical Trials in Glaucoma

COPE Course # 46957-GL / COPE Event # 109976

2 CE credit available.

Instructor: Pinakin G. Davey, OD, PhD, FAAO, Professor, College of Optometry, Western University of Health Sciences

This 2 hour course focuses on the epidemiological and risk factors of glaucoma. This course also summarizes the various multi-center clinical trials that establishes guidelines for management of glaucoma

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Course objectives:
1) Describe various risk factors that are associate with glaucoma
2) Understand the differences between treatable and associated risk factors
3) Understand various incidence and prevalence statistics of glaucoma as associated with different ethnic groups
4) Understand the major end points of pivotal glaucoma trials and the summary of clinical outcomes of the trials.
5) Understand the clinical trials that were focused on comparison of treatment strategies and set the guidelines for treatment of glaucoma.